How It Works

Step 1

Remove 5 inches of a single concentric neutral wire with pliers.*our next tool will solve this problem—coming soon!*

Step 2

Position Ripjack rollers on top of cable and insert single concentric neutral wire into opening on mandrel.

Step 3

Push the “on” button on the Ripjack and hold the “up” arrow on the Ripjack key fob transmitter to engage the motor.

Step 4

Release the “up” arrow on the key fob transmitter to stop the Ripjack at your desired end point.

Step 5

If using the Ripjack on a riser, engage the “down” arrow on the key fob transmitter until the Ripjack descends to your reach. If you are NOT using the Ripjack on a riser, hold the Ripjack and push the “down” arrow on the key fob transmitter for 1-2 seconds, just long enough to release the tension of the copper wire on the mandrel.

Step 6

Remove the Ripjack safety strap, unloop the neutral from the mandrel, and pull the Ripjack away from the cable, keeping the Ripjack parallel to the cable, until the copper wire is released from the mandrel. A new video with detailed instructions on how to use the Ripjack for optimal results is coming soon!